IRTS: Information & Referral Procedure

Please visit the Eligibility/Admission Criteria page prior to submitting a referral packet to ensure that the client meets criteria of an IRTS facility.

Phone 218-724-8844; Fax 218-724-7410

Please complete the AHE IRTS Referral Form by clicking on this link:  

PDF Referral Form  OR    Word Referral Form (fillable)

Please fax all completed documents within the referral packet to 218-724-7410 in order to be placed on our waiting list.  We are unable to provide any updates with a referral's progress on the waiting list until we have received all of the information included in the packet.  

Other paperwork required prior to admission

Introduction to Intensive Residential Treatment

Once all of the required information is received, Christine, our Treatment Director, will schedule a screening with the potential client.  If it is determined that the client will admit, then Heather, our Registered Nurse  will coordinate the date of admission.


Thank you for your interest in Arrowhead House East!  We look forward to working with you!