Board & Lodge: Facility Tour

Arrowhead House West is a 54 bed structured Board and Lodging facility located just above the downtown area of Duluth, Minnesota. We provide 24-hour support and crisis services to people with mental health and/or chemical health issues. Our program is a safe place for residents to live while they gain some mastery over any issues that are affecting their daily lives.

The surroundings are spacious and comfortable for residents to enjoy and relax in. With each person having their own key to the front door and their room, we encourage responsibility and safety for all.

Nutritious meals are served three times daily as well as fruit, snacks and coffee available anytime. Meals are served buffet style with ample room to sit and converse with others.

Our spacious kitchen allows for easy meal preparation in pleasant surroundings. We offer a six-week rotating menu system with much variety. Periodically, the menus are modified based on resident request and input.


We recently updated our library where residents are often found reading from a variety of books we offer, enjoying conversation with others, or simply relaxing and enjoying the view outside. This room offers a nice area for residents to converse with their guests without interruption

Our bedrooms have textured walls and clean carpets. Residents are encouraged to decorate and personalize their rooms to make it feel like home. Our housekeeping staff comes in weekly to change linens, vacuum and clean the bathrooms.

While all newly admitted residents start in double rooms, we also have private rooms available. Every room has its own bathroom and closet. We provide all linens, towels and soaps. Additionally, there is a free laundry in the lower level for all to use. Two times each month, haircuts are available for no charge.


The staff office features a medication station where all self-administered medications are kept. Staff observes and documents residents taking their medications correctly. All medications are conveniently bubble packed by our pharmacy. Staff is available 24 hours a day for any assistance a resident may need or just to talk.

The basement of the building serves as a year round recreation area and combination laundry facility. Additional recreational opportunities are available through a contract with the neighborhood YMCA.

There is an outdoor area with a heated gazebo, television, music, and conversation. Smoking is allowed in the gazebo area. The basement of the facility also serves as a recreation area and combination laundry facility. Additional recreation and exercise opportunities are available through free passes we offer to a neighborhood fitness center.